How “The Beatles” brought down the Soviet Union – documentary VIDEO included

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The Beatles rock-and-roll group… and President Ronald Reagan… were the primary factors in bringing down the Soviet Union (according to historical accounts by Russians and former Soviet Union leaders).

NOTE: This very well done documentary on The Beatles’ direct impact on the former Soviet Union aired almost two years ago… and the historical information is STILL widely unknown outside of Russia!

Watch the 55- minute documentary video below
after reading this educational history introduction.


Even if you hate The Beatles… this is significant history.

Introduction on Related History

Although it is widely recognized and acknowledged (by historians and politicians) throughout the world (and especially former Soviet Union leaders) how U.S. President Ronald Reagan (and other significant players such as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl, and even Pope John Paul II) brought down the Communist/Socialist government of the former Soviet Union through economic, political, covert, and military efforts… (FYI: Pope John Paul II acted as a “covert operative” [a.k.a "spy"] between the Reagan Administration and the Polish rebels that started the official toppling of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact countries… S-O-O-O cool. It is also the reason why many historians strongly suspect that the Soviet Union was behind the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II).

HOWEVER… DID YOU KNOW that THE BEATLES were THEE primary cultural influence that brought down the abusive, sadistic, CONTROLLING, crimes against humanity, government of the former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics)?

NOTE: The former USSR is known as a “totalitarian” form of government.


“Totalitarian” (definitions from

(adjective) —

  1. of or pertaining to a centralized government that does not tolerate parties of differing opinion and that exercises dictatorial control over many aspects of life.
  2. exercising control over the freedom, will, or thought of others; authoritarian; autocratic.
NOW… Watch The Beatles documentary below!!!


“How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin” — documentary video

The documentary creator and producer Leslie Woodhead has done very impressive work on investigating, interviewing, and providing video documentation on how the pioneering rock group “The Beatles” created a pervasive underground cultural movement that was a primary factor in toppling the former Soviet Union.

Mr. Woodhead has decades of experience and video work in Russia (even when they were the Soviet Union), therefore his insight and personal contacts within that region of the world bring extra value to his documentary video.


  • Current and former Russian leaders interviewed in the video include Vladimir Putin’s Deputy Premier Sergei Ivanov; they all speak of how The Beatles changed and helped collapse the Soviet Union.
  • Any suspected fan of rock-and-roll music was considered a criminal and arrested.
  • Fans of The Beatles secretly made recordings on old medical x-rays and sold them on the black market.
  • After a Soviet Union electrician published in a magazine (similar to the American magazine “Popular Science) how to make an electric guitar “pick-up” module from telephone handset microphones… people started stealing the phone handsets from public phones.  And in order to make homemade amplifiers, they climbed telephone poles to steal the Public Address speakers that were common in ALL Soviet Union towns and cities (used for the regular Communist propaganda messages).


“How The Beatles Rocked the Kremlin” (video links below)

The Kremlin (definitions from —

(noun) —

  1. the executive branch of the government of Russia or of the Soviet Union, especially in regard to its foreign affairs.
  2. the citadel of Moscow, including within its walls the chief offices of the Russian and, formerly, of the Soviet government.


30-second preview… FULL 55-minute video further down:


How The Beatles Rocked the Kremlin


  • It is a little more than 55 minutes long (with NO commercials… YEA!!!)
  • You can watch the above video in Full Screen size.


NOT IN THE VIDEO — MORE STUFF: Below in this article are additional info resources and links regarding the Beatles and the U.S.S.R… including the background on the creation of the song “Back in the U.S.S.R.


OTHER Viewing Options

IF YOU CAN’T… watch the video through the link directly above… you can can catch the full “How The Beatles Rocked the Kremlin” video through the four video segments below that were kindly posted by YouTube user “bodyandcola”.

UNFORTUNATELY… You can ONLY watch this documentary online:

Research by BTT staff has found that you can ONLY watch this online!!! Although it WAS aired on a number of TV stations in many countries during the fall of 2009… interested people on the Internet are still posting requests for where to watch it now… or even better… purchase a copy of the documentary.

The creator and producers of this video are missing serious business and sales opportunities. (No viewing or purchases are available on,,, or any other Web searches at the time of this article posting.)

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Beatles — Additional Info Resources

Women of the Beatles – Videos from

  • Women of the Beatles -– general info –
  • Cynthia Powell — John Lennon’s first wife and mother of musical artist Julian Lennon; John wrote a song about him —
  • Linda Eastman — Paul McCartney’s first wife, who came to be regarded as a very classy lady and business partner; married to Paul until she died of breast cancer in 1998) —
  • Yoko Ono — John Lennon’s second and final wife —
  • May Pang — John Lennon’s 18-month affair, etc. that was supported and encouraged by Yoko Ono —


U.S.S.R. — Additional Info Resources on the Oppression, Terrors & Failures

There is extensive information, analysis, and commentary that is available on the former Soviet Union, their control over the “Eastern Bloc” countries, and their impact on global affairs.

You are encouraged to do your own additional research. The following links to information should get you started:

  • The Berlin Blockade by the Soviets (and resulting “Berlin Airlift” of all food and supplies for nearly a year) —
  • The Berlin Wall — built by the Soviet Union to keep their people from escaping to the Free World; they strung lots of barbed wire, installed extensive mine fields, and shot anybody who tried to escape —
  • East Germany
  • The Eastern Bloc (spelling of “Bloc” is correct) –
  • Joseph Stalin — Soviet Union dictator who ordered and oversaw the systemic murders of millions of his fellow Russians. Stalin killed more of his own people than Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did during World War II. Hitler is estimated to have killed six million Jews… Stalin is estimated to have killed over 20 million of his own people through “purges”, executions, concentration camps, etc.
    IMPORTANT: Saddam Hussein was proud to refer to Joseph Stalin as his idol. Saddam Hussein had portraits of Stalin in his various palaces and offices as well as books by Stalin; that must have provided additional intimidation to those around him.  Additionally, Saddam Hussein shot and killed his own brother-in-law (who was a most trusted adviser) so others would understand that if Saddam would kill his own great friend and brother-in-law… then nobody would be safe… Stalin did the same sort of thing in his purges. See the link —
  • The KGB — the Soviet Union’s form of the Nazi’s “Gestapo”. Knocks in the middle of the night, and disappearing citizens. Incidentally, Russian Premier Vladimir Putin was a KGB Counter Intelligence Officer in the KGB for many years.
  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (author, activist, political prisoner, Nobel Prize winner, mathematician, etc.) —



“One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich“ — written by the above mentioned Nobel Prize-winning author Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

The best and most accurate review of the book that BTT is aware of is the one that follows the BTT “Intro Commentary” below. Intro Commentary

It is a fantastic book that I read approximately 10 years BEFORE the collapse of the Soviet Union (in 1989).

I read it when I was taking a “Russian Cultures” course at an American university. My professor and her family had escaped one of the Eastern Bloc countries when she was a teenager during the height of Cold War in the 1950s. Their several days of harrowing escape adventures and being pursued were widely covered in the media at the time. My professor was great at providing finite details about what is was like to live in such an oppressive country, and how you couldn’t trust anyone because even your friendly neighbors might be “informants”, or they might make false claims against you so that they could get get money, better benefits, or even move into your larger apartment after your family was arrested! The professor also provided great insights into the thinking of the Socialist/Totalitarian form of government… including specific examples of how Pravda (the U.S.S.R. state-controlled news media) would manage and spin specific news and events while completely covering up other significant events.


Book Review

By reader Benjamin G. Gardner (posted on

“One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich” is indeed a powerful book. Were it merely the grim testimonial to life in the Soviet Gulags or a witness to infringed liberties, its force would be staggering. Were it a testimony to the indomitableness of human nature, it would be crushing. As it is, it shatters our perception of man and ourselves as no other book, save Anne Franke`s diary and the testimony of Elie Wiesl, could ever have done.

However, it is more than all the above. “One Day” is actually a searching look at human nature. The biting wind, jagged wire, frigid climate, watery soup, and the warmth provided by an extra pair of mittens or an hour of hard physical labor all find matches in the colorful crowd of characters that parades through this narrative – from the prison guards to the prisoners themselves to the prison director to the turncoat prisoners who sold their integrity for the favor of their oppressors.

This is a book to be read, first of all, for its historical value – a tribute to those who were imprisoned but whose voices were never heard, and a silent plea to commit all our forces to the proposition that such vileness will never reach our liberty-loving shores. No less importantly, this is a book that should prompt us to turn our eyes inward and question ourselves whether, in our own way, we are capable of committing the same atrocities against our fellow man, and whether, if subjected to the same suffering, we would have the strength of character to find as much comfort in a bowl of soup as we do now in the transient, unfounded knowledge that such inhumanity will not touch us.”


Closing Comments and Links

Question for YOU… from

  • Does the dictionary definition of Totalitarian (<– link) sound very similar to what people like President Barack Obama, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Senator Harry Reed, and others are trying to force on America?

When a government seizes more and more control over every aspect of people’s lives… then that government CONTROLS you… PERIOD!

– Just ask the Russians and other Eastern Bloc countries who lived under the Socialist/Communist control of the Soviet Union.


Suggested articles… regarding government over-regulation, political disinformation, and propaganda:


PHOTO CREDIT: This article’s photo is courtesy of “BBC Four Programmes” article “How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin” at published in 2009.

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