The Sim World affect on voters… Virtual reality creating real-world voter fools

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Top virtual reality games such as “Sims Social” and “The Ville” (both highly successful online games on Facebook) are having a damaging affect on the concepts of reality for a growing number of people… and voters in elections.

Yes, really… read on.  Then watch the Wall Street Journal video report and my follow-up analysis.

The high-end “Life Simulation” type of games are continuing to subliminally invade the psyches of an ever-increasing number of people.

The result HAS BEEN the steady decay of once-common reality concepts such as: what is… what should be… what can be… and what is realistic, fair, reasonable, and correct.  I’m not talking about political leanings left, or right; I’m talking about basic life and physical realities that more and more of the people who are considered to be so “wired” on tech gadgets and so connected with the world every microsecond to their thousands of “friends” that they have lost touch with reality.  They have become functionally incapable of properly collecting and evaluating facts for many segments of their life such as relationships, politics, government, and elections.

Virtual reality video games classified as “Life Simulation” games have become so widespread — and unfortunately socially and psychologically penetrating — that it should be no surprise that those games are having a direct affect on elections and how voters think (or stop thinking in most cases).

Presented for your review and thoughtful analysis:

  • “Life Simulation” video games overview and impact analysis
  • Descriptions from “Life Simulation” games’ own companies and developers
  • Wall Street Journal video report (below) that provides foundational evidence for the behavioral voting theory presented by
  • How “Life Simulation” games directly and indirectly affect thought patterns, behaviors… and voting
  • Recommended Resources for Your Further Knowledge and Insight — Consistent Human Behaviors, Modifications, and Testing Proofs (recognized scientific studies and documentary videos)


Sometimes the efforts to influence people (consumers, voters, etc.) are pretty obvious, but most of the time the behavior modification and indoctrination occurs — either intentionally or unintentionally — through a steady stream of subliminal messaging and groupthink.

For those of you questioning, or denying, my premise… I point out the fact that there is a reason companies spend so much money on what advertisers refer to as “product placement” in movies and TV shows.  Along that line of thinking, presidential candidate Barack Obama (2008) and President Obama (2012) used embedded advertisements in a number of “life simulation” games.  They were sprinkled throughout the video games on items you’d see in real life, such as billboards and other advertisements.  (Source articles provided at bottom.)

NOTE: The depth and degree that “life simulation” video games can psychologically affect people is far greater and influential than what occurs from basic “product placement” in movies and TV shows.

Due to the depth and degree of individual involvement that occurs within virtual reality environments/games such as “Sims Social”, “The Ville”, and “Farmville“, the potential behavior and thought modifications that subsequently occur to each “player” in real life can be very significant.  Therefore, any resulting outcomes (desired or undesired) from those behavior and thought modifications can also be very significant.  NOTE: The SimCity virtual reality products have been around for over 20 years – a full generation of voters,

HYPOTHESIS: Regular involvement and “play” in these types of virtual reality environments creates the strong desire and the need to control others (in real life) just as they experience on a regular basis in their virtual game “lives”.  (Game details will be seen in the Wall Street Journal video review of “Sim Social” and “The Ville”.)

The increasing depth of experiences and visual details provided by these fictional, highly interactive game “realities” gives rise to — and nurtures — the false belief that more and more control over individuals is required and good… which in-turn is causing the ignorant and lurching movement towards Socialism.

“Life Simulation” Class of Video Games — Overview

“Life simulation games are about “maintaining and growing a manageable population of organisms”, where players are given the power to control the lives of autonomous creatures or people…

This broad genre includes god games which focus on managing tribal worshipers, as well as artificial pets that focus on one or several animals.  It also includes genetic artificial life games, where players manage populations of creatures over several generations.”  —  Source:

“The games in The Sims series are largely sandbox games, in that they lack any defined goals (except for some later expansion packs and console versions which introduced this gameplay style).  The player creates virtual people called “Sims” and places them in houses and helps direct their moods and satisfy their desires.  Players can either place their Sims in pre-constructed homes or build them themselves.  Each successive expansion pack and game in the series augmented what the player could do with their Sims.”  —

Descriptions from “The Sims”

Excerpt Source:

“The Sims Social brings all the freedom, fun, and creativity of The Sims to Facebook!  Create customized Sims with their own unique characters, ambitions, and friends.  Your Sim’s friends—and enemies—are your real friends and the deeper your relationships, the further you get in the game!  Build your Sim a perfect home and fulfill their wishes to live out their dreams.  Control every aspect of their social life, make friends or fight, love or betray, play nice or be mean, share a first kiss or woohoo!  Play with life in a whole new way — with your friends, for free!”

  • “Playing with life has never been so easy and fun! … “
  • “Customize your Sim… “
  • “Create the perfect house…”
  • “Build your Sim’s social circles…”
  • “Live their dreams…”
  • “Life goes on.  Whether you’re online or not, life goes on in Littlehaven.  Check in regularly to see what your Sim has been up to, who’s visited or left you a gift, and how everything — from your relationships to your electronic gadgets — is doing!”


 Sim Social - 'PLAY' logo

Excerpt Source:

  • “WHAT IS THE SIMS?  The Sims is the award-winning series that started the Life Simulation genre.  Sims games let you do things you might never do in real life—be a scientific genius, a criminal mastermind, or a happily married vampire with six kids.”
  • “GET CREATIVE!  Truly play with life! Create anyone you can imagine, put them anywhere you can imagine, and have their lives be anything you can imagine.  The Sims 3 provides many, many ways to let your creativity go wild.”
  • “THE SIMS IS UNIQUE!  How you play is up to you!  Benevolently foster your Sims’ lives, pushing them to excel—or plague them with calamities.  Construct elaborate buildings and share them with our community of players.  And so much more!”

WSJ Video Report: “The Ville, Sim City Social – Fun with Avatars” — July 11, 2012

  • WSJ Description: “Two new social games, “The Ville” and “Sim City Social”, turn your real Facebook connections into avatars that you engage with virtually. Lauren Goode discusses on digits. (Photo: EA Games)
  • BTT Description & Comments: Lauren Goode, Wall Street Journal reporter, does a very good job of detailing the aspects of “SimCity Social” and “The Ville”.  The bad news is that these games provide a disturbing view into how pathetically lame people have gotten on a social and emotional basis that they have the need to spend so much of their time living in and developing a fake city and world.
  • NOTE: This WSJ video report was done nearly four months before the 2012 Presidential Election.

Click on the cartoon city map to watch the Wall Street Journal video report.

Partial transcript of Ms. Goode’s video report:

  • “I was ready to build my little kingdom… I could build my Mayor’s Mansion, I could build roads for free, I could start to build houses, I could build a small farm.  I could also to choose to build businesses like bakeries to stimulate the economy in my city.  The whole thing became very, very addictive very fast…
  • There’s a social element to it so friends could visit my city (these are Facebook friends) I could visit their virtual cities.  They could leave me gifts, I could leave them gifts.  The whole thing becomes this kind of ecosystem where you’re trying to build up the population, get a lot of businesses going, get a lot of foot traffic to your city, up the property values, in general make it a cool place to be just as you would a regular city.  It doesn’t have to be just a city either; you may want to have a huge metropolis…”
  • You can do a lot of things in your cities without paying for anything.
  • You do get to a point where there are incentives to buy things, to buy virtual goods, to make your city a better place to be, to get yourself to the next level of “mayor”.  And that’s where these games generate their revenues…”
  • You use your real money to buy virtual cash.  Yeah, seriously.  Players use real money to buy their fake online money… sounds like the U.S. government and our $17 trillion debt!


Comments (after you watch the WSJ video above):

  • Consider the WELL KNOWN fact that people spend or waste A LOT of time on Facebook.
  • FOR BOTH GAMES reviewed… you can spend real money to purchase fake “virtual money” in your simulations.

No wonder it’s so easy for the Socialists calling themselves “Liberals” to fool these people and get their votes… they have an unrealistic concept of what it really takes to get anything significant done and become successful.  The ideas of competence, skills, and ethics are foreign concepts to them.

Remember all those wonderful jobs that President Obama said were “shovel ready” and that he was going to get started?  Well, it didn’t happen because he didn’t know what he was talking about and he didn’t know how to accomplish it.  He never worked in the “real world”.  He spent his entire adult life as a talker, a promiser, and a bamboozling campaigner (community organizer, state senator, U.S. senator) so he got elected for accomplishing nothing and he got the Nobel Peace Prize only a few months later for accomplishing no peace.

Why do you think it was so easy for Barack Obama to first get elected with no real credentials and nothing but a gimmick for a slogan: “Hope and Change”?  When a significant portion of the voter base (ages 18 – 30) are severely out of touch with reality, life, and politics in general, and they’re more focused on video games and virtual reality lives than what really matters…it’s pretty damned easy to get elected.  There are also a lot of dimwits in Congress from both main parties for the same reason.

Barack Hussein Obama is a “Sim” President in thought, word, and deed…

…how tragic for America AND the world.

Analysis of Affect on Voters

FACT: According to the video games industry, the “Life Simulation” genre of video games falls under the classification of “God Games”.

FACT: “Life Simulation” video role playing games such as “The Sims” series and “The Ville” are the most successful (in sales) and popular video games in human history.  Players can play them for free online with people around the world through various venues such as Facebook… therefore ensuring the market penetration and subsequent subliminal brainwashing that promotes the control of individuals.  (It’s “fun” to play “master” or  “God” over others… hence the classification of these games as “God Games”.)


Analytical Deduction / Conclusion

Regular involvement and “play” in these types of virtual reality environments creates the strong desire and the need to control others (in real life) just as they experience on a regular basis in their virtual “lives”.

The increasing depth of experiences and visual details provided by these fictional, highly interactive game “realities” gives rise to — and nurtures — the false belief that more and more control over individuals is required and good… which in-turn is causing the ignorant and lurching movement towards Socialism.

This manipulated movement towards Socialism (rather than self-direction by each individual) is in direct contrast to the global proof of individual success through capitalism (although it should be conducted ethically and morally).


Disregarding Failures & Proof of Concept

The fundamental facts are disregarded by those who mentally and/or emotionally exist in alternate realities, or feel compelled to conform to what they see and know is incorrect, or wrong.  (See “The Asch Conformity Experiment” video link below.)

The facts that Socialism (as well as Communism and Fascism) have been proven throughout history by other countries to be absolute failures as forms of quality, competent governing, and also failures as forms of highly advanced societies (financially, economically, educationally, scientifically, and more) don’t seem to matter to those voters.


Expecting a World of Immediacy…

In this age of high-tech electronics and communications, people have become not only accustomed to immediate results at the push of a button, but they have come to selfishly expect and demand immediate gratification in real life situations where immediate results are not realistic, or even possible.  Years ago I heard a psychologist on TV refer to it as (paraphrased) the “Fast food restaurant sense of patience… got have it quickly… got have it now… got have it within only a few minutes”.  Everything in the world cannot function that way; there are basic laws of physics… get used to it.  Stop being self-centered, clueless, out-of-touch-with-reality dingbats.


Cause of ObamaCare

In addition to living in an electronics world of immediate results, when people playing the most popular life simulation virtual reality games become accustomed to nearly absolute control over their fictional environments — where they are provided with nearly immediate results — then they come to also expect that speed of results in real life.

Therefore, they are easily misled to blindly support and follow corrupt or incompetent leaders.  That’s exactly how the convoluted 27,000-page Healthcare Act got passed in 2010 without being read by the Congress members

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Closing Comments

Considering the facts and details above (and so much more), it should be no surprise that we have a “Sim” President… one who pretends and poses to be a competent President.

However, in our REAL world, President Barack Obama’s consistent behavior — as evidence has repeatedly revealed — demonstrates that he is really more concerned about his pubic pep rallies, his personal appearances on talk shows, his various athletic pursuits and other superficial issues.

I guess Farmville’s and… “America’s chickens have come home to roost”. <<< A reference to a video taped sermon quote by (retired) Pastor Jeremiah Wright during one of his several hateful sermons about America.  Pastor Wright was President Obama’s former church pastor and, according to President Obama, was the one who married the Obamas, baptized their children, and was their long-time mentor.

Recommended for Your Further Knowledge and Insight
— Consistent Human Behaviors, Modifications, and Testing Proofs


The Asch Conformity Experiment


The Milgram Experiment – Obedience to Authority Figures


The Stanford Prison Experiment (1971)


Other References

Obama Ads on Video Games


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